Saturday, April 10, 2004

Word Up to Marielle (aka, crapbag) for finding this. I'm impressed, G.

Am currently all alone in waterloo... no roommates, no boyfriend.. and crapbag won't hang out with me.
Saw "the girl next door" last night. It was alright for what it was worth. Should have had an R rating though. The theatre was full of highschool hommies. They were far to amusing. Mike and I were the oldest ones there by a good 5 years.
Also, saw the Teen Girl Squad there, they were all carrying fake designer purses and "oh my god"ing. Do I miss highschool? I don't think so.
Oh! and will someone please tell the homeboys that those outfits aren't cool, they aren't whack, or fly, or slammin'.... they aren't 'bad'... and it won't help them get laid. In addition, the whole gang of them were there.. yet there were all talking on their cells... who were they talking to?!


Saturday, April 03, 2004

If I fail all of my exams this semester, I'm blaming the VOC forums. They are far too much hillarity for me to handle right now. makes me wish I had photoshop. Oh well... Summer project is becoming more and more apparent.

My other procrastinatory activities include re-learning all the lyrics to "Gangster's Paradise", and sampling Mel's baking. mmmm... baking.


Monday, March 29, 2004

Today was "let's ask Emily" day. It really flatters me that people want my opinion... but sometimes I'm scared I'll say the wrong thing and ruin someone's life. I can only offer advice on what i've heard, and its usually biased and out of context. So that makes it harder... I just try to listen mostly, and point out one or two things here and there.

I also want to change the font of this sucker. But I don't know how to do that. I also hate HTML. I don't know how to use it... and when I try, I make tiny little typos that prevent me from doing it correctly. Its like CS 100 is coming back to kick me in the ass.

My boyfriend is super dreamy. He took me on a surprise date tonight... treats me like a goddess that boy... I am very very luck to have him.

I'm happy that Canadians finally know what happened on Sex and the City. Now I can stop holding my tongue and start sharing the brilliance of what happened.

Check that out...


Sunday, March 28, 2004

My parents came to visit me today...they're swell. Went to Swiss Chalet, where I haven't been in forever, because I've been having that illustrious affair with Mario from the East Side.

Had a potluck on Friday night... very nice turnout with very nice food. Big thanks to everyone for coming. Evening ended up with a nice crowd going to the Spur where the boyfriend sang "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel and then threw potato (as did big Trav...) at some drunken party girls at Mel's Dinner at 3:30 am.

Now I'm off to finish writing a paper for ENGL 208C. Supposed to be my no brainer bird course... its more trouble than its worth. I do love the BFG though... great read.

I think I'm addicted to oranges. In happier news... I'm a DON!! horray! It still hasn't really really hit me. (Even though I've already cruised the IKEA website twice now looking for cheap room extras. Mmm.. IKEA


Thursday, March 25, 2004

I just saw a cross dresser on TV. He had bigger boobs than I do. How is this fair?
Honestly... does he have implants? He's not a big enough man to have big man boobs. I'm puzzled. Truly puzzled.

I think I'm done with school this semester. Feeling ready to go home and be taken care of a little. Ever had to write a twenty page paper with twenty primary resources? Ever had the prof make you redo it on a silly technicality? Its not fun Kids... Not fun.

On a happier note... I'm a Don!! I'll be hosting the frosh of REV next September! Lucky them. ;o)

Does this work? Who knows... We'll see.


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