Saturday, April 10, 2004

Word Up to Marielle (aka, crapbag) for finding this. I'm impressed, G.

Am currently all alone in waterloo... no roommates, no boyfriend.. and crapbag won't hang out with me.
Saw "the girl next door" last night. It was alright for what it was worth. Should have had an R rating though. The theatre was full of highschool hommies. They were far to amusing. Mike and I were the oldest ones there by a good 5 years.
Also, saw the Teen Girl Squad there, they were all carrying fake designer purses and "oh my god"ing. Do I miss highschool? I don't think so.
Oh! and will someone please tell the homeboys that those outfits aren't cool, they aren't whack, or fly, or slammin'.... they aren't 'bad'... and it won't help them get laid. In addition, the whole gang of them were there.. yet there were all talking on their cells... who were they talking to?!


Saturday, April 03, 2004

If I fail all of my exams this semester, I'm blaming the VOC forums. They are far too much hillarity for me to handle right now. makes me wish I had photoshop. Oh well... Summer project is becoming more and more apparent.

My other procrastinatory activities include re-learning all the lyrics to "Gangster's Paradise", and sampling Mel's baking. mmmm... baking.


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